3D Vibrating Steam Eye Massager Heated Spa Massage for Dry Eyes

This steam eye Massager integrates 3D vibration massage, heat compress and Bluetooth, spa massage for eyes, perfect solution for dry eyes home remedy and prevention. High-end steam eye massager OEM ODM. Olahealth works with big brands, such as Philips, Westinghouse, and Breo

Product Highlights

  • 3D vibration massage
  • Detachable ultrasonic vaporizer
  • Heating compress
  • Built-in music and Bluetooth customizable music
  • USB type-C charging
  • Multiple massage modes

*Remarks: The appearance, color and function of the whole machine can be customized. Olahealth offers high-end massager OEM&ODM customization services. Olahealth works with big brands, such as Philips, Westinghouse, and Breo.


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Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 12W
Input voltage: 5V
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Product size: 215*89*89.5mm
Bare weight: about 220g
Default working time: 10 minutes
Charging port: TYPE-C


Multi-point 3D Vibration Massage

Detachable ultrasonic vaporizer

Hot Compress


3S Fast Alternative Cold and Heat Compress

Multi-point 3D Vibration Massage

There are 12 soft silicone nodes on this steam eye massager, they can provide a gentle and comfortable massage around the eyes. The high frequency vibration of these nodes can stimulate the muscles and improve blood flow to the eyes, which can help to reduce tension and fatigue in the eyes.

Heat Compress

The three vibrating massage heads located on the left and right sides below are added hot compress function, which helps to improve blood circulation and relax the muscles around the eyes, reduce tension and fatigue.

Cold and Hot Smart Cycle Experience
multiple massage modes l90

Detachable ultrasonic vaporizer

It combines the benefits of steam therapy and massage to provide a comprehensive treatment for the eyes. The ultrasonic vaporizer is a detachable component. Giving it detachability greatly reduces hidden costs. Once damaged, only one atomizer needs to be replaced, which is very convenient.

USB Type-c Charging

USB Type-C charging makes this eye massager highly convenient and versatile. With USB Type-C, you can easily charge this device using a compatible charger, laptop, or power bank, making it ideal for use on-the-go.

12 contacts vibrate at high frequency
One Button Operation

Bluetooth Customizable Music

This eye massager offers a personalized and immersive experience through its Bluetooth customizable music and built-in music feature.

Ultra Lightweight

This eye massager is impressively lightweight, weighing in at only 220g.

USB-c charging battery 2000mAh


Can I print my logo on the products?
Yes, we support OEM/ODM orders.
Can I take samples before bulk order?
Yes, free samples are available, and the sample fee will be refunded after the bulk order contract is signed.
What’s the delivery time?
1-7 days, depends on order quantity.
What’s the payment way?

For bulk order, T/T is better. Paypal for small orders.

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Above 1000pcs.
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